Description of all Folders

Here are some brief description of all folders that are automatically generated after creating new project.


folders generated by eclipse for androidThis contains java source file for your project. By default it includes file having and activity class that runs when your app is launched.


It contains file.

Now what is file ?

Every application uses resources such as strings, drawables, layouts, and styles. Instead of hard coding such resources into an application, one externalizes them and refers to them by ID. The file contains all those resource IDs, whether assigned by the programmer or generated by the sdk.


This folder contains android application package file i.e. .apk file build by ADT during the build process.


This folder contains library jar file. If any additional library is used in your project then you can put jar file of new library in this folder.

android-support-v4.jar file is automatically includes in libs folder.

Additional libraries like picasso, pushbots etc can be included in the project from this folder.


res means resource, this folder contains all resource files used by your project like images, audio, video, all xml files(used as front end of android application).


This is a directory for drawable objects (images) that are designed for high density screens.

Note :- 

Other drawable folders are for low density, medium density screens and others for tablet screens.


This is a directory for the files that define your app's user interface. By default it includes activity_main.xml file.


This is a directory for other various XML files that contain a collection of resources, such as strings and colors definitions.


This is not a folder but it is one of the most import file of android application. Every application must have an AndroidManifest.xml file (with precisely that name) in its root directory. The manifest file presents essential information about your app to the Android system, information the system must have before it can run any of the app's code.