Android 9 Pie: New Features

Google did a fabulous job by giving a bunch of cool and exciting features in Android Pie. This year, Google tries on making our digital lives more organized through Android Pie.

Below are the top features of Android Pie you should know.

  1. Google redesigned the navigation of Android by introducing Gesture Navigation in Android Pie similar to iPhone X. The new system navigation now offers a single, pill-shaped button at the bottom of the screen that can be used to swipe around the phone. The back button now appears contextually inside applications and not as a constant key on the screen.
  2. Google has introduced the Dashboard. It will monitor the time spent on each app per day and also in hour basis. It also monitors the number of times you unlocked your phone and a total number of notifications you have received.
  3. App Actions is another great feature in Android Pie. It helps you better navigate through the day by giving smart suggestions based on your habits.
  4. Android Pie now supports Zoom lens features. When you long press a phrase, it will automatically magnify at the pointer. It will help you to read small text and selecting words.
  5. Android Pie has a new screenshot editor where you can edit and share your screenshots immediately after taking them.
  6. Now you can pair 5 devices via Bluetooth. Earlier you can only connect two devices.
  7. Android Pie introduces 157 new emojis. Also, the pistol emoji is changed by Google with this update. Now the pistol emoji will be orange in color instead of its original color.
  8. Android Pie introduces 'Slices'. It lets you perform basic application activities outside the app.
Please comment below your views regarding the changes introduced by Google.